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Mango Kush Dank Vapes

Mango Kush dank vapes is a 65/35 Indica prevailing dank vape cartridge. Mango Kush strain is consistent with her name, she scrumptiously possesses a scent like a crisply pressed mango juice with traces of banana. This dank vape is useful for learners and clients with low resistance, as she has moderate THC levels of up to 16%. Mango Kush strain is best for night and evening use because of narcotic properties.

Sort of High of Mango Kush Vape Danks

Mango Kush vape danks initiate inspiring cerebral high and gentle body buzz. Calms pressure, assists with a sleeping disorder and sickness. Advances mind-body unwinding and rest has great pain-relieving and calming properties.

Hereditary qualities

Mango Kush strain is a combination of Mango and Hindu Kush.

Mango Kush
Mango Kush vape
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Mango Kush dank vapes
Mango Kush vape danks


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