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Chernobyl Dank Vapes

Chernobyl dank vapes are an 80 Sativa/20 Indica mixture reared by TGA Subcool Seeds. In 2010 got one of High Times Top 10 strains of the year. Chernobyl strain is useful for daytime and morning use because of stimulative impact. Chernobyl strain is ideal for parties and other social cooperations. This dank vape is intense, with THC levels of up to 20%. In this manner, she isn’t the best decision for novices. Experienced clients ought to be aware of the portion to keep away from distrustfulness and couchlock.

Kind of High Of Chernobyl Vape Danks

Chernobyl vape danks actuate dependable cerebral happiness. Elevate’s state of mind supports vitality, innovativeness, energy. Prompts social cooperation and chuckling. Uplifts mood lightens wretchedness, eases the pressure, animates craving. May cause distrustfulness.

Hereditary qualities of Chernobyl strain

Raiser: TGA Subcool

Ancestry: Trainwreck and Trinity and Jack the Ripper strains.

Indica/Sativa Ratio

Sativa Dominant Hybrid (80% Sativa/20% Indica)

Normal THC/CBD Level

29.75/20.00% THC 0.51/0.57% CBD 0.01/0.32% CBN

Chernobyl vape
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Chernobyl dank vapes
Chernobyl vape danks


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