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Banana OG Dank Vapes

Banana OG dank vapes are a 70/30 Indica dank cart and aren’t for fledglings. The THC level is up to 27%, and CBD level is up to 1%. Flavor-wise, a banana taste is cut with the one of a kind of cinnamon, and the shading is a blackout green. It can be utilized to treat pressure, uneasiness, muscle agony, and aggravation. Banana OG strain is best for night use.

Sort of High Of Banana OG Vape Danks

Banana OG vape danks are known to be a creeper of dank vapes, regularly taking a few minutes before its belongings can be completely identified. At the point when the high arrives, it brings the two barrels, following up on the client’s cognizance and body at the same time. Beginning impacts can be confusing and incorporate unsteadiness, happiness, and mind race. The smoker’s contemplations may hop starting with one then onto the next as they’re at the same time assailed by the abrupt want to sit or rests.

With time, this early power decreases into an all-encompassing unwinding, with both mental and physical impacts murmuring along at a pleasurable pace. Love seat lock is normally announced, yet so is profound, imaginative reasoning – simply don’t hope to muster the nerve to stand up and speed through undertakings or tasks. Enjoy Banana OG strain around evening time or in the early night. Vape it in a joint or out of a newly cleaned pipe to appreciate its exceptional flavor.

Hereditary qualities

Reproducer: Unknown. 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Hereditary qualities: Banana OG strain is a combination of Banana and OG Kush strains.

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Banana OG vape danks


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